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STRESS LESS, SLEEP BETTER – an online course

The stress in our lives can have many consequences: difficult relationships, inability to perform at work, less joy, making ourselves “small”…
And you might have tried many ways of dealing with it – from therapy to downright ignoring it. It might be time to try something new. Something that deeply listens to your body and gains insights from it.
For this reason, I offer you the following course, based on the embodiment coaching method that works directly with the body and movement in order to create lasting, positive change in our daily lives.
This course, consisting of pre-recorded content and a workbook, is aimed at helping people deal with some of the difficulties of modern, high-stress lifestyles, and creating new possibilities to live more quality lives, in line with their values. 
And in the process of “cleaning up” what you do in your wakeful state, your sleep will start to improve as well.
You will be able to access the recordings and workbook at your own pace, to match the pace of your lifestyle.

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  • Energies and Movement

    Albert Einstein, king of energies and movement, knows best: “Nothing happens until something moves.” Only at the very beginning of this rewarding journey, but my very first steps in this wonderful environment already reveal that I will get so much more than I ever bargained for.

    Drees Ostar
  • Online Feldenkrais Class

    I had looked before for a Feldenkrais class locally but never saw one that I gravitated toward. I knew that Masha was a teacher – I live in the Netherlands – so it was not really an option to come to her normal classes. When I saw that she started to offer online classes I wanted to try it out. The class was very nice and really appreciated her exercises and her attention. It is good to start moving again. Thank you Maša!

    Erik de Roij
  • Awareness Through Movement Online Class

    What a great way to relax and work on oneself through gentle movement. Just had my first online class with Maša and already looking forward to the next one:))

    Jure Fili
  • Stress Cleaner

    Excellent daily break I can recommend for whoever’s looking for an escape during this lockdown.

    Vincent Merveille
  • Awareness Through Movement Online Class

    I discovered this method with Masa and really enjoyed every class – i deeply recommend her as she knows what she’s doing and does it really well! Looking forward to the next ones:)

    Silvia Monteiro
  • Embodied Yoga

    This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself this morning. Maša is a well-versed mover – with a fresh approach to the body’s subtleties. I warmly recommend 🙂

    Mia Drobec
  • Morning Yoga

    Thanks for the great morning yoga class both yesterday and again today Masa . It’s so wondeful to be able to do online classes during lockdown . Really appreciate you making it possible for us and look forward to coming along to your classes when we can go out again ….

    Karen Lee
  • Morning Yoga

    Maša is an awesome teacher!!!

  • I LOVE that human being!

    I first met Masa on instagram through her funny vid’s ! I loved the way she can speak to everyone in a loving and transparent manner. I felt I’ve known her forever. When I came back from my trip I wanted to find a way to live from my passions. Guess who came into my path. A couple of weeks later I participated to one of her coaching workshop. I absolutely loved it . As her embodied yoga class this morning. So happy to have her around <3

    Tamara Steiner
  • Fit&Strong

    Had a really nice class with great energy – creative movements and a few drops of sweat. Many thanks and see you soon 🙂

    Andra Svaibodaitė
  • Loose and Flexible

    Lose and flexible is what I feel after Maša’s online yoga classes. There are often new movements – different from other yogaclasses – that open the body. Nice and natural atmosphere. Sound is of good quality (often a problem online).

    Rita Du Toit
  • Yoga and Fit&Strong

    I have been practising with Masa daily for over a month now. And her class has been the best possible start of my every day! Starting with gentle warm up – smooth transition to asanas – ending in savasana with Masa’s soothing voice leading us thru a short meditation practice. Perfect – I will surely continue to attend her online classes well beyond this confinement time – and well always. Fit and Strong is a creative and playful class – providing energy and a lot of fun!

    Sanja V.
  • Embodied Morning Yoga

    Maša brings her precision and lightness to a powerful but gentle class. She offers the right balances of physical and mental inquiries that allows me to select what I need from the session. Grateful for this beautiful opportunity to start the day. Highly recommended.

    Iulia Grosman
  • Awareness Through Movement Online Class

    First time for me taking this class with Maša and I fell in love. It was so good. Amazing. I have lots of issues with my lower back and this was like conditioner for my back – I would do it every day if I could. Thank you – deep from my heart – for teaching – inspiring – getting involved – sharing and being who you are. Love to you Maša

    Mira Sidia
  • Embodied Morning Yoga

    I love Maša’s classes. Many times I turn up tired – feeling uninspired and lacking in energy and every time I feel refreshed – positive and energized after the practice. Maša is great at striking the right balance between hard and less hard poses – but she also builds fantastically upon what we achieve. I have an arm injury but am still able to participate in her classes – which have helped me become stronger – more flexible and more confident. Thank you – Mašo!!

    Ivana Filipovic
  • Awareness Through Movement Online Class - WONDERFUL

    I discovered “Awareness Through Movement” (ATM) with Maša “live”. When confinement came – I was delighted Maša started offering a remote version with Zoom. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is wonderful.

    The organization and technicalities are top-notch – the fact that it’s remote never gets in the way. Maša’s personality still shines through – very positive – very welcoming.
    Since the sessions rely mostly on voice guidance – we can appreciate her perfect English and very clear instructions.
    ATM is making my body much more supple; and without much effort. It’s like my body was used to activate too many muscles; and having some of them pull in diverse/opposite directions. The final result has always been OK :-). But now – I feel that I do moves – even simple moves like walking – with more ease and more balance. I’m also convinced I have improved my ability to feel my body; for instance to feel the slight differences between what happens on my left and right side. And this also results in me using my body in a more symmetrical way; as opposed to having my right side being systematically more used/abused.

    Anyway – I’m afraid ATM is the kind of thing that’s difficult to put in words – just like Yoga can be. But I definitely recommend everyone to give it a try for a couple of sessions. Plus – the sessions are a wonderful opportunity to disconnect the brain – get relaxed – and more often than not – we end up doing playful – enjoyable unusual moves. There is no sort of competition though – everyone stays within his/her range of motion.
    It is also not fast-paced; which allows feeling/integrating better how one’s body reacts. So – even if you’re out of shape or simply not at 100% – you can still practice and enjoy.
    Thank you very much Maša.