Embodiment Coaching

60-min embodiment coaching sessions in which we will, much like in life coaching sessions, explore your “burning” topics that need polishing. However, we won’t be simply talking about the issue and keeping it in the head, but we will be using the body and movement as our main source of wisdom in the matter.

You can expect different methods of exploration, from centering (stress management), the 4 Elements technique, Embodied Yoga Principles to simple, but rather profound somatic coaching that explores what you do in your body as a reaction to events, and what you can do instead  to batter match the reactions you want to have.

The sessions are either done online or in person (location dependant).


Sleep coaching

Coaching sessions on the topic of improving sleep quality by examining daily habits and dismantling beliefs that hinder a good night’s rest. The sessions are based on embodiment work, meaning that we will be using movement and the body to explore the psychology of sleep-related habits.

These sessions are 60 minutes long and are best done over a period of several weeks to go deeper into examining your daily habits and beliefs. They are held either online or in person (location dependant).